3rd Annual Rockfish Tournament Rules

Updated rules for 3rd Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open


  1. Qualifying Areas: All of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries as permitted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  2. Eligible Fish: Rockfish (Max 8 Rockfish per boat)
  3. Any changes or substitutions to the crew (Captain, Mate and Anglers) must be finalized at the Captain's meeting.
  4. A copy of your valid boat insurance declaration page for the boat being used in the tournament must be provided to the tournament committee no later than the Captain's meeting.
  5. All fish must be caught on hook and line.
  6. Chumming, live bait and/or use of eels is permitted. All legal hook and line fishing methods are permitted.
  7. IGFA all-tackle rules apply.
  8. All Captains, Mates and Anglers must fill out a release form for a lie detector test prior to departure.
  9. All winners will be subjected to a lie detector test.
  10. All Anglers must check in with check-in boat or table. Please throw your ball in the net at the check-in boat.
  11. Prizes: One prize per boat for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. Excluding Calcutta.
  12. Scales will not be open prior to 4:30pm.
  13. Winners: Largest Rockfish will be determined by weight. In case of a tie, the winning fish will be determined by length and weight. From tip of closed mouth to furthest point of fanned tail.
  14. Fishing Hours: No lines in before 7am on Friday (9/17/2021) and Saturday (9/18/2021)
  15. All boats must leave from Tiki Lee's Dock Bar. All registered boats are required to be at Tiki Lee's Dock Bar by 5pm Thursday 9/16/2021 for manditory check in. All tournament boats may not leave Tiki Lee's Dock Bar until 5am Friday 9/17/2021 and Saturday 9/18/2021. All boats must be off plane and in naked eyesite of the check-in boat located at Tiki Lee's by 4pm both Friday 9/17/2021 and Saturday 9/18/2021.
  16. No Gaffing. No Culling.
  17. Weather: The tournament does not provide a weather committee and it’s a Captain’s choice tournament. However, the tournament reserves the right to cancel one or all days of the tournament due to unfishable weather conditions.
  18. Mechanical Breakdown: Your boat’s condition, electronics and efficiency are equally as important as your fishing skills. All boats/teams are responsible for getting their fish to the weigh in station, even if towed, aboard another tournament boat or a back-up boat is used (If a back-up boat is used, the boat name must be called in). No boats can be trailered at any point after fishing begins.
  19. Refund Policy: There is no refund on paid entries unless the tournament is canceled by the tournament committee.
  20. Tournament officials reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or team.
  21. Any boat may be boarded by tournament representative(s) for thorough inspection of fishing boxes, bilges, containers and compartments.
  22. Any fish entered in the tournament is subjected to disqualification if the judges decide it bears suspicious marks or characteristics. All decisions by the judges are final.
  23. Safety: All participants and guests of participants are responsible for their own personal safety and security of their personal property and expressly assume any and all risks to their personal safety and well-being. By electing to participate in Tiki Lee’s Rockfish Open, all participants agree to, and grant their release of liability and shall not be permitted to withdraw or disavow that release of liability.
  24. Max 8 participants per boat. Captain, Mate, and 6 anglers. This does not include videographer or camera crews.
  25. All captains will be provided an official weigh-in bag. Please do not bring your fish to the scales or weigh-in line until directed to by a tournament official.
  26. The tournament director reserves the right to add more boats.

2nd Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open Video

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Thanks to our great sponsors: Captain Morgan, Red Stripe and White Claw

1st Annual Tiki Lee's Rockfish Open Video

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